Large Classroom Request Form

This form is for courses with a projected enrollment greater than 70 or with projected enrollment greater than 70 requiring IP video/teleconferencing.

Large Classroom Criteria

Large classrooms are assigned based on these criteria:

  1. Projected enrollment of 70 or greater (allowed a 15% increase from prior enrollment)
  2. Required equipment
  3. Proximity to department/department preference
  4. Regular classes will be given priority over generic courses (i.e. 199, 399, 410/510)

IP Video/Teleconferencing Criteria

IP video/teleconferencing enabled classrooms are assigned based on these criteria: HED 220, LA 115, LA 177, LIL 182, LIL 282, & WIL 110. (ALL courses requiring IP Video/Teleconferencing must have a section flag code "B" entered as part of your data entry in SSASECT)

  1. Projected enrollment of 70 or greater (if less than 70 please schedule with CMET (541) 346-3091)
  2. Course requires IP Video/Teleconferencing technology for the full 10-week term
  3. In the Special Instructions column please indicate the connecting location (Bend, White Stage, South Ridge etc) and how many students you expect on that location
  4. You must also contact CMET (541) 346-3091 at least 2 full terms in advance to ensure availability and discuss your course requirements and training needs with CMET staff regardless of your classroom assignment.

Other Requirements

You must indicate at least two choices (in different time zones) for course meeting time, based on standard class meeting time.

Alpha codes for physical attributes and media resources can be found in the Room Attribute Codes. To view a list of large classrooms, See the Large Classroom List. All large classrooms have computer projection.

Using the Request Form

  1. Download the Large Classroom Request Form spreadsheet
  2. Fill in the required fields on this page as well as the spreadsheet: today's date, the term for which this request applies, your department and your name.
  3. In the spreadsheet, fill in the request information fields as instructed on the spreadsheet. Note: be sure to enter comma-separated codes as shown below for Physical Attributes and Media Resources
  4. Save your spreadsheet to your computer and upload using the button below.

Remember: expected enrollment must be above 70.

Questions? Call (541) 346-1264 or (541) 346-3225.

Request form
Download and edit a copy of the Large Classroom Request Form spreadsheet. After editing it and saving a copy to your computer, upload it here.
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Allowed file types: xls xlsx.