Academic Classroom Reservation Request

This form is for requesting the use of a general classroom for an academic class, such as an additional meeting time, an alternate (or secondary) exam room, a break out room, review sessions, class presentations, or faculty search presentations.

To see a list of the classrooms, please view the Classroom Resource Reference Chart. For photos and other information, see the Media Services website.

Please note that miscellaneous classroom requests for future terms are not assigned until after the class scheduling is completed. See the Production Schedule calendar for specific dates.

Once your request is received, the staff of academic scheduling will verify whether a classroom is available and complete the reservation. We will then send you an e-mail message with the room assignment and reservation ID number. Normal processing time is one to two business days. We will send a copy of the assignment to an additional person, such as your office staff or your GTF.

Remember: Rooms and dates cannot be guaranteed until your reservation is actually confirmed.

If you have questions about making a classroom reservation, please contact Academic Scheduling at 541-346-3225 or

If you wish to use a classroom for a non-academic event, such as a department meeting, a conference, training programs or workshops, etc., please make your reservation through University Scheduling and Event Services, EMU, by phone (541-346-6000) or email ( Non-academic events taking place in Global Scholars Hall between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday are scheduled through Academic Scheduling and can be scheduled using this form. Events in GSH outside of these hours should be scheduled through University Housing Catering and Conference Services. Contact 541-346-4303 or

Requester information
Event information
Date & time
Choose a date between now and March 15, 2020. Note: Requests for dates outside of this range could delay the processing of your request.
Start and end time
Reservations always end at either 20 or 50 minutes after the hour, to provide a "passing time" for the next event or class who will be using the space.